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Want to take your CPA review to the next level?

We have revamped the site to give you a more meaningful online experience. To see what we have actually launched for you recently, please visit our new and improved CPA Exam page.


We offer free CPA review exams and quizzes online. We also plan to offer mock preboard exams soon. Our CPA exam question bank are designed to train your wits and skills in tackling the hardest and toughest of CPA exam questions. The exams are powered by a new CPA quiz engine expecially designed for the CPA review.

Some of the features of our online exams are:

1. Time Limited - Like in real CPA exam, you will be challenged by a nagging timer to help you be conscious of the time it takes to answer each question and to finish the exams. The time is prominently displayed atop the examination page to remind you of the time remaining.

2. Skip and Go Back - This is a new feature that allows you to skip a hard question and proceed to the next one. Like in real world examinations, you now have the option to skip right at the questions that you feel will eat up much of your time and move to the next easy one. Here you can practice the strategy of "Easy First, Hard Last" approach in dealing with the CPA exams.

3. Feedback Mechanism - With our new CPA exam engine, you will be provided, at the end of each exam or quiz, with a detailed explanation of why an answer is right or wrong. These explanations help you master the subject at hand and can give you an idea on how some questions are structured to trick you. The same feedback system offers not only the explanation why your answer is right but more importantly, why it is wrong. This is, by far, the most important feature of the CPA exam engine.

Other features include unlimited exams, random questions and subject matter mastery through logical question categories. All these and more at the new PinoyCPAReview.com CPA Exam page.

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